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    My Cheese Plate for One

    Almost. We almost made it through flu season without a sneeze or sniffle. Unfortunately, my son picked up the flu this week. I am grateful to say he is getting over his sickness, but man is this mama is worn out! The weekend hasn’t even ended and my husband has become under the weather too. To recoup from long days of caretaking, I decided to treat myself to a cheese plate for one and wine. Life is Gouda I have to explain my shopping adventure that led me to this cheese plate combo: Earlier this week, I was shopping at a local Kroger store that has a cheese kiosk. I…

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    Pimento Cheese

    Pimento cheese dip is a traditional, southern favorite in my household. It is also easy to make and takes less than 15 minutes to mix together! Pimento Cheese Please My grandfather used to keep pimento cheese in the fridge. It was always store bought but was always the perfect snack. I remember him sharing some with me as a little girl. We ate them on buttery Ritz crackers. My husband’s family also loves pimento cheese. We spend every summer with them at Edisto Beach, SC and pimento cheese is always a go to snack in the beach house. It is cold, creamy and easy to spread on crackers, pretzels or…