About Me

Hello. I’m Brittany and welcome to Her Mise En Place!

This food blog is my little corner of the web where I share my love for seasonal foods, gardening, and photography. I’m so glad you’re here and share the same passion for cooking and eating delicious foods!

On Her Mise En Place you’ll find recipes I’ve created, usually from scratch, and stories about my culinary adventures. For example, I have a special section dedicated to bucket list items with a culinary theme! I share posts about collaborations, leveraging cooking techniques, growing fresh foods, recipe roundups, and dining out from time to time.

Why I’m passionate about food

When I was a little girl my mom attended culinary arts school. I enjoyed learning to cook as she did. Because of her I know terms like Mise En Place (and feel kind of smart while watching Top Chef haha).

On Saturdays she’d bring home dishes she made in class- my favorite day of course. Most foods were far from the traditional southern foods I grew up with here in Kentucky. The weekends became a culinary adventure for my curious taste buds. Today, I still have her notebooks from culinary school! I also have the same curiosity and passion for good food and learning. 

Story Behind the Blog Name

Mise-en-place (meez-en-plahs) means “everything in it’s place”.

It’s a popular French phrase in the culinary world that means to gather and arrange your recipes ingredients and tools before you begin cooking. It can metaphorically fit into other areas in life. I thought this would be a great theme (and cool title) for my blog because the art of mise-en-place involves discipline, intention, patience, and resourcefulness. It’s done purposefully by professional chefs for efficiency. 

My ultimate goal for this blog is to create a safe place for us foodies to grow as home cooks, bond through food stories, learn more about the foods we love, and leverage our cooking skills TOGETHER! Therefore, please drop comments in the posts and/or email me.

My Family

Photo of dog in tobacco barn
Rest in Peace my sweet Otis. You were the best taste tester and could hear a crumb drop in the kitchen from a mile away.

Let’s Keep in Touch

I love hearing from others so please feel free to leave comments on posts or send me message at [email protected]   I am open to hearing about potential collaborations. 


All content on Her Mise En Place is for informational purposes only and are the opinions of the content writer. I own and produce all photography on this website.


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