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    Juneteenth Cookout 2022: Celebrating Black Cookbook Authors

    Join me in celebrating Juneteenth with 18 other Black culinary creators. This year, we are honoring 19 Black American cookbook authors by recreating their recipes, amplifying their work, and sharing our connections to Freedom Day. Juneteenth marks our country’s second independence day, the final emancipation of those enslaved in the US announced in 1865. Share these recipes with your family and help us continue the legacy of celebrating progress. Additionally, you can easily follow each participant by using the hashtag #JuneteenthCookout2022 on Instagram. This collaboration is brought to you by Eat the Culture. Chef Kwame Onwuachi’s Cookbook – My America: Recipes from a Young Black Chef Chef Kwame Onwuachi is…

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    Homemade Raspberry and Lime Sherbet

    Homemade raspberry and lime sherbet is a refreshing frozen dessert that includes real berries and zesty limes. This recipe gives you a flavorful combination that is sweet, tart, and creamy in each bite. Using an ice cream maker gives it that soft churned texture.  I know, I know! It’s the middle of winter, and I’m making a frozen treat. Let me tell you what led me here. I found raspberries on sale (even though the off-season), limes were on sale because it’s citrus season and my pregnancy cravings called for ice cream. So then I ended up making the base for this delicious raspberry and lime sherbet treat in the…

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    My Cheese Plate for One

    Almost. We almost made it through flu season without a sneeze or sniffle. Unfortunately, my son picked up the flu this week. I am grateful to say he is getting over his sickness, but man is this mama is worn out! The weekend hasn’t even ended and my husband has become under the weather too. To recoup from long days of caretaking, I decided to treat myself to a cheese plate for one and wine. Life is Gouda I have to explain my shopping adventure that led me to this cheese plate combo: Earlier this week, I was shopping at a local Kroger store that has a cheese kiosk. I…

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    How I define “Mise En Place”

    What is Mise En Place? Mise en place, pronounced (MEEZ ahn plas) is a French culinary term that means to have all of your cooking tools and recipe ingredients ready before you begin cooking a meal. It translates to “everything in its place”. Mise en place is a popular technique practiced in restaurants, by professional chefs and taught very early on in cooking schools. I believe mise en place can be used at home too. Mise en place requires being prepared and organized. It’s about knowing your recipe. This means taking the time to read and understand a recipe before cooking. Some recipes may require you to prep ingredients by…