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    Duck Fat Roasted Potatoes

    Duck fat can take roasted potatoes to a whole new level! In addition to the rich duck flavor, this recipe includes fresh herbs and simple seasonings. This post is an excellent recipe if you are looking to elevate a classic side dish. While shopping at a local meat store, I stumbled across duck fat in the freezer section. Traditionally, I’ve stored rendered duck fat in the fridge after cooking duck, knowing that I can use the fat for other dishes within the week- but that’s a rare occasion, to be honest. I was also amazed by the fact the cost was so low. Being able to buy duck fat already…

  • Marinated Zucchini with text
    Side Dish

    Marinated Zucchini

    If you don’t like mushy squash, then this is a great side dish for you. The zucchini is first sauteed to your desired tenderness. It is then marinated in a tangy vinaigrette for at least 30 minutes, or until dinner is served. Quick Summer Side Dish Early this summer I was listening to the Bon Appetit Foodcast while driving between Lexington and Louisville. It has been one of my favorites to binge listen to while driving. One of the episodes brought up the idea of marinating foods after cooking. Since that day, I had filed this idea in my head as a must-try! I decided to try out marinated zucchini…

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    Summer Farro Salad

    It has been hot here in Kentucky this week! Like, summer hot! It’s not officially summer yet but these temps have encouraged me to start making summer-like meals. I think we grilled out at least 4 times last week. This “summer” farro salad was a tasty and filling side that paired well with our grilled pork chops one evening. What is farro? It is a whole grain that is most commonly used in Italian cuisine. This may be because it dates back to ancient Rome and is still grown in Italy. Farro is also quite healthy. Some people consider it a superfood. According to Food Network, farro will “…give you…