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    How I define “Mise En Place”

    What is Mise En Place? Mise en place, pronounced (MEEZ ahn plas) is a French culinary term that means to have all of your cooking tools and recipe ingredients ready before you begin cooking a meal. It translates to “everything in its place”. Mise en place is a popular technique practiced in restaurants, by professional chefs and taught very early on in cooking schools. I believe mise en place can be used at home too. Mise en place requires being prepared and organized. It’s about knowing your recipe. This means taking the time to read and understand a recipe before cooking. Some recipes may require you to prep ingredients by…

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    First Post + Steak

    Hi everyone! Welcome to my new blog. Thanks so much for visiting my brand new blog! I’m truly excited, proud, and just a little anxious to share my culinary experiences with you. Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.-Julia Child Lovely Day I’m writing this first post for Her Mise En Place just a few days following Valentine’s Day. This holiday, I spent the day at my full-time gig and the evening with the loves of my life. Things sure have changed for my husband and I! With a 13 month old baby, dinner plans sure have changed. As silly as it sounds, I love cooking!…