Food Lessons

Summer of Popsicles

 I did a thing! I bought a Popsicle mold. 

And let me tell you, it has been one of the most fun and surprisingly challenging kitchen items I have worked with. 

Popsicles in Mold

The fun part has been experimenting with different flavor combinations. There are so many fruits, veggies, herbs, and liquids you can blend together to make popsicle flavors that your family will enjoy.  The hard part has been learning how much of each ingredient is needed. It has taken lots of trial and error to fill all of the slots in the mold with precision. Several times I have made either too much liquid or not enough. It’s kind of hard to judge.  

Learning My Limits

Keep Calm and Popsicle On

Speaking of liquid, I had a small little mishap in the kitchen last week. I put coconut milk passed the “fill line” in the blender. Despite the appliance warning I stubbornly decided to blend together the watermelon, coconut milk and mint anyway. And of course, I didn’t press the ‘pulse’ button; I went straight for ‘high.’ Pink liquid sprayed all over the counters, my clothes and the base of the blender. It took me about an hour to clean it all up. The ironic part was that I ended up with the exact amount of liquid need for the mold.  I ended up with 10 delicious popsicles that my family loved.

I probably won’t be sharing the recipes any time soon though. I am just enjoying doing these little experiments for them. popsicles have been a refreshing treat for us to share most evenings on our deck. My son is teething so it’s kind of a win-win…something sweet and cooling for his sore gums.  

Son eating popsicle

Mixing and Matching Flavors

So far, the only combo that hasn’t worked involved blueberries and bananas. The bananas turned black, and my popsicles didn’t look like the cute bright blue ones I had seen on Pinterest.  The combos we have enjoyed so far: 

  • Strawberry + Honey + Balsamic Vinegar + Cinnamon Basil 
  • Watermelon + Coconut Milk + Mint 
  • Strawberry + Mango+ Coconut Milk 
Strawberry Basil Popsicle

All in All

 Overall, I am glad I started making my own popsicles for the family. I always use fresh ingredients and they are easy-ish to prepare. The popsicle mold was inexpensive and came with the sticks.  

There’s still lots of warm summer days ahead. I look forward to developing more flavor combinations and sharing cold, fresh treats with my family.  

What is your favorite popsicle flavor? Do you have a favorite summertime treat that reminds you of your childhood?