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Recipe Round Ups

21 Unique Ways to Cook with Mint from your Garden

As a gardener, mint is one of my favorite herbs to grow. The aroma it releases is refreshing. It’s low maintenance and has many uses ranging from culinary to medicinal to housekeeping.

Every gardener knows that mint is a very giving perennial. It grows quickly and can spread rapidly. I prefer growing it in deep, well-draining containers. I barely have to touch it, and it grows abundantly on my deck. Within a few steps from my kitchen, I can grab a few mint leaves for my tea, cocktails, or meals.

Recipes that Use Mint

Because mint can be so productive, I have decided to round up of twenty-one amazing culinary ideas for cooking with excess mint. Check out these flavorful and distinct dishes that include mint in the recipes!

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Note: Each recipe creator granted me permission to feature their recipe(s), excerpts and/or photography for the purpose of this round-up.


#1 – Minty Watermelon Chia Seed Pudding

Recipe and Photo by: Her Mise En Place

This dish is by yours truly. This overnight pudding combines fresh watermelon, mint, and chia seeds. The addition of yogurt adds to the creaminess and makes it a filling, healthy breakfast or midday snack.

#2 – Homemade Mint Extract Recipe

Recipe and Photo by: Oh Sweet Culture Shock

Using only two ingredients, this homemade mint extract recipe is a great cost effective alternative to the store-bought version. It is super easy and quick to prepare.

Mason jar labeled "Mint Extract" next to sprig of mint

#3 – Honeydew Mint Cooler

Recipe and Photo By: Paleo Gluten Free Guy

Why not cook with mint by making a drink? You just need 4 simple ingredients for this refreshing drink. It’s perfect for all, as it has no added sugar.

#4 – Raw Mango Chutney (Green Mango Chutney)

Recipe and Photo by: Greenbowl2soul

Making a fresh dip is another great way to use mint! According to Vandana, “Raw mango chutney, also known as kachhe aam ki chutney in India is a tangy, minty chutney made with green unripe mangoes, fresh herbs, and spices. It’s a very popular Indian dipping sauce that can also be used as a spread to flavor wraps and sandwiches.”

Bowl of green mango chutney next to diced avocado and peppers.

#5 – Pea and Mint Soup

Recipe and Photo by: It’s Not Complicated

This soup is full of fresh, vibrant flavors. Pea and Mint Soup is simple to prepare and can be served both hot or cold.

Bowl of pea and mint soup with spoons in the bowls.

#6 – Baked Salmon Summer Rolls

Recipe and Photo by: Mikha Eats

Brighten up your lunch with fresh herbs! Fresh mint makes these protein and veggie-packed spring rolls come to life! Enjoy an easy and delicious lunch that’ll make you forget you’re eating healthy.

#7 – Vegan Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Recipe and Photo by: Rainbow Nourishments

This vegan mint chocolate chip ice cream is made with just 4 key ingredients! It’s a refreshing ice cream and is incredibly creamy and easy to make.

Ice cream scooper scooping mint ice cream out of a loaf pan.

#8 – Pancetta, Pea, and Mint Pasta

Recipe and Photo by: The Family Food Kitchen

Now, check out the flavors in this 6 ingredient pasta work in perfect harmony. This creamy and comforting dish is ready in under 20 minutes, too! It’s one of many comforting ways to cook with mint.

#9 – Grilled Pronghorn Gyros with Homemade Tzatziki Sauce

Recipe and Photo by: Peak to Plate

Annie, the registered dietitian behind the recipe, shows us how various cuts of meat can make the perfect vehicle for a flavorful gyro marinade. I can’t wait to try this one using venison that is locally processed by my friends who hunt and the mint I grow.

#10 – Pear and Fennel Salad

Recipe and Photo by: Through the Fibro Fog

This gorgeous Pear and Fennel Salad is fresh and light, with a flavorful mint dressing. It’s perfect as a summer side salad for BBQs, picnics and potlucks.

#11 – Pea Shoot Pasta

Recipe and Photo by: Brooklyn Farm Girl

You all know I love pea shoots, so I was instantly drawn to this beautiful dish! Farfalle pasta is mixed with pea shoots, peas, mint and Parmesan cheese to make a 30 minute easy recipe that your family will love!

#12 – Shikhanji Nimbu Pani (Indian Lemonade)

Recipe and Photo by: Piping Pot Curry

This homemade, Indian lemonade, also known as Shikanji or Nimbu Pani, is so refreshing, flavorful, and helps to beat the summer heat. Made with lime juice, sugar, water, and spices, it can be served at any time of the day. 

#13 – Malfouf Salad (Lebanese Cabbage Salad)

Recipe and Photo by: The Vegan Larder

This salad gives us another great way to cook with mint. It is full of zingy flavor and packs in loads of herbs, including fresh mint! It’s pairs well with BBQ or falafel!

#14 – Honey, Jalapeño, Mint, & Pineapple Spritzer

Recipe and Photo by: My Pretty Brown Fit + Eats

I could drink this all summer long! It’s refreshing and made with fresh pineapple juice, a hint of honey, and fresh mint, with a jalapeño bite.

#15 – No Bake Mojito Cheesecakes in a Jar

Recipe and Photo by: The Copper Table

These no bake cheesecakes are so easy, with fresh and bright flavors of mint and lime. They make a lovely presentation for entertaining or a great picnic dessert!

#16 – Cheese Borek

Recipe and Photo by: Cooking Gorgeous

Cheese Borek (Peynirli Borek in Turkish) is a crispy, light, and delicious Turkish filo pie filled with tangy cheeses and aromatic herbs, including mint. You can serve these baked pastries as an appetizer for Christmas or as a light meal for dinner with a bowl of Turkish Lentil Soup.

#17 – Roman Style Artichokes

Recipe and Photo by: Our Plant Based World

I’m always looking for different ways to eat artichokes, and this recipe is a must-try! Fresh artichokes are delicately prepared and stuffed with aromatics including mint.

#18 – Cantaloupe, Feta, & Mint Salad

Recipe and Photo by: A Paige of Positivity

Best enjoyed as a side salad, this Cantaloupe Feta Mint Salad is fresh, cool, and perfect for your next picnic or backyard BBQ. Wildly colorful and unique, this salad combination will be the star of the table.

#19 – Frozen Blackberry Margaritas with Mint

Recipe and Photo by: Elise Tries to Cook

Blackberries, fresh mint and limes are blended for the best Frozen Blackberry Margaritas! Top these easy margaritas with a mint sugar rim.

#20 – Vegan Mint Chocolate Tart

Recipe and Photo by: Addicted to Dates

Now, here is another beautiful dessert. It’s a baked chocolate shortbread crust topped with layers of mint white chocolate and dark chocolate ganache. The tart is vegan, gluten-free and tastes like thin mints!

#21 – Mint Julep

Recipe and Photo by: Champagne Tastes

Thanks to growing up in Kentucky, I’m very familiar with this infamous cocktail. This time of the year, mint becomes the star herb in my home state because of The Kentucky Derby. The mint julep is one of my favorite cocktails! It combines bourbon, mint and sweet simple syrup- a special treat while watching the races.

All in All

What a great collection of recipes from amazing food creators! I am appreciative of all of the bloggers who were willing to share their links and photos for this list.

I hope you found this list of recipes helpful! Knowing various ways to cook with mint can help keep cooking fun and exciting. As you can see through these 21 recipes, mint is a versatile herb that pairs well with so many foods and beverages.

What recipe will you try first? Please let me know below in the comments.