• tomatoes, bacon and aioli sandwiched between toasted bread on a plate
    Lunch,  Sandwich

    No Lettuce BLT Sandwich: Bacon and Tomato Sandwich with Herb Aioli

    Not having lettuce isn’t a problem for this “BLT”. This bacon and tomato sandwich includes an herb aioli and toasted sourdough. I was craving a BLT last week. It was all I could think about whenever I passed by the ripening tomatoes on my kitchen window sill. I finally gave in to making one; sure enough, I didn’t have any lettuce. None in the fridge. None in the garden. I even texted my neighbor, who I knew was at work, to see if she had any in her garden. I at least started with, “Not an emergency…” Luckily, she’s cool and said she’d do the same. Unfortunately, because of the…